Executive Teams

STEMCELL Co.Ltd CEO(最高経営責任者)

松岡 孝明 T. Matsuoka, MD

Graduated from KEIO University School of Medicine in 2003 and obtained a medical license. Specialized in anesthesia, ICU and systemic management at university hospitals; performed 3,000 surgical procedures using stem cells in private hospitals since 2005; since establishing the HELENE Group, I have focused on systemic administration of stem cells. 

・Medical Doctor License, KEIO Univ.
・Diplomate of Ameican Board of  Regenerative medicine (DABRM)
・Harvard medical school member of PGA
・Beijing University eMBA
・Certified Anesthesiologist

Honorary Consul of the Union of Comoro in Japan
Medals of Honor, with Dark Blue Ribbon

STEMCELL Co.Ltd CFO(最高財務責任者)

高橋 圭介 K.Takahashi, CPA

Started career at Ernst & Young Japan worked on U.S. GAAP and Japanese GAAP audit and advisory projects. After expat periods at Ernst & Young LLP New York office, returned to Ernst & Young Japan and worked on several audit engagements and IFRS and compliance advisory projects. Through CFO of Global Trading company Japan division and Board member and head of overseas operations of US corporation, joined STEMCELL Co., Ltd. as CFO.

東京工業大学建築学科 Tokyo Institute of Technology

STEMCELL Co.Ltd Chief Marketing Officer

龍後 Alexis 天乃 A. Ryugo

Cheerful, positive and optimistic person,  willing to accept new challenges.
Through years of close contact with high-end customers, she is familiar with the expectations and future trends of regenerative medicine consumers.
She has cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Comoros to promote core business projects, and established several core business departments of Stemcell, such as R&D and overseas business departments. Served as the last responsible manager of the Singapore Exchange and served as the CMO of STEMCELL Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Polytechnic University

(Chief Human Resources Officer)

金井 佐保里 S. KANAI

Waseda University school of Human Science.
Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion for HR professionals at University of California, Irvine.

13th Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
HELENE group Advisory

細川 律夫 R. Hosokawa, Esq

13th Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Member of the House of Representatives (7 terms), Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Accounts Administration Monitoring Committee, and 89th President of the Court of Impeachment of Judges.

He is currently an advisor to the HELENE Group.

Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
HELENE group Scientific Advisor

中辻憲夫 N. Nakatsuji, PhD

CEO, Kyoto Stem Cell Innovation, Inc.
1977 Ph.D. from Kyoto University Graduate School of Science
2003-2007 Director, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University
2007-2014 Founding Director, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, KyotoUniversity
2015- Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
2015- Director and Chief Advisor, Stem Cell & Device Laboratory, Inc. (SCAD)


Chief Sustainability Officer

Lechat Arnaud Michel

First Secretary of the Consulate of the Union of the Comoros
Université d’Orléans France

HELENE Med-Co Board certified Surgeon
Chief medical Directors

小林 奈々 Nana Kobayashi,MD

Board certified Surgeon (Digestive surgery)

Med-Co HELENE, Medical Doctor
(People’s Republic of China)

叶尔登达拉 Yeerdendala, MBA, MD

Inner Mongolia Medical University School of Medicine
Master of Business Administration MBA from Kokushikan University

HELENE, Medical Doctor
Radiology Specialist

若林雄一 Dr. Wakabayashi, MD, PhD

HELENE is a board-certified surgeon who graduated from Kobe University School of Medicine in 2009. She completed her doctoral program at the Graduate School of Medicine at Kobe University in 2017. In the same year, she became a certified specialist in diagnostic radiology by the Japan Radiological Society. In 2021, she worked at the National Institutes of Health in the United States. In 2022, she became a lecturer in the Department of Radiology at Kinki University School of Medicine. As of 2023, HELENE is a full-time physician.

Med-Co Advanced.Surgeons
Board certified Plastic Surgeon, PhD

糸原孝明 Dr. Itohara Takaaki, MD

2003: Kyoto University Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery, affiliated with Kyoto University
2005: Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital
2007: Hokkaido Ono Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery
2009: Yamato Seiwa Hospital
2010: Sakura Hashi Watanabe Hospital, Shin-Tokyo Hospital, Shinkoiwa Hospital
2014: Tachikawa Varicose Vein Clinic
2019: Kawasaki Sachi Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery
2021: Shin-Matsudo Chuo General Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery

Med-Co Advanced.Surgeons
Board certified Digestive Surgeon, PhD

清水義夫 Dr. Shimizu, PhD

Graduated from Fukui University School of Medicine in 2009. Affiliated with the Department of Surgery, University of Tsukuba Hospital. He will be affiliated with our medical institution and concentrate on Varicose Vein Surgery.

Med-Co Advanced.Surgeons
Board certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, PhD

黒木慶一郎 Dr. Kuroki, PhD

1994 Graduated from Okayama University School of Medicine. 25 years as a cardiac surgeon, performing cardiac and macrovascular surgeries at regional base hospitals, etc. Joined our healthcare organization in 2018.

Med-Co Advanced.Surgeons
Board certified Plastic Surgeon, PhD

姫田十二 Dr. Himeta, PhD

1997 Graduated from Chiba University School of Medicine.
Worked as a plastic surgeon for 20 years at a university-affiliated hospital. Specialized in Varicose Vein Surgery since 2013 and joined our medical practice in 2018.

Med-Co Advanced.Surgeons
urology specialist


2009: Graduated from Nippon Medical School
2009: Saitama Medical Center, Ishin Foundation
2011: Affiliated Hospital of Nippon Medical School
2011: Ebina General Hospital
2012: Affiliated Hospital of Nippon Medical School
2013: Heisei Tateishi Hospital, Naowa-kai
2015: Affiliated Hospital of Nippon Medical School
2017: Gonohashi Ladies Clinic
2019: Collaborating medical institution with HELENE
Director of Yokohama Varicose Vein Clinic
< Qualifications >
Specialist in urology certified by the Japanese Urological Association
Specialist in anti-aging medicine certified by the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

Corporate Planning Office

李登耀 David Lee

National Taiwan University, International Business.

2014-2015 Foxconn, Sales and Project manager
2016-2017 Foxconn, Executive specialist of BU head and Project manager
2018-2019 Foxconn, Business management director

Marketing Manager

何天恵 Winnie Ho, MA

University of Arts London
University of Exeter

My adventure in Japan started in 2017. I joined an IT service company and mainly focused on linking clients’ demands to our service and creating a bridge between BtoB and BtoC. I, then starting my career at STEMCELL Ltd gives me the chance to explore myself and the potential business field that I am capable of. I am hoping that the idea of extended futuristic medical services can be developed and delivered.

Accounting and finance

林 宗威 T.W. Lin, MA

Boston University MA
Taiwan National Chengchi University 

T.W Lin earned his MA degree in Economics from Boston University, before then he worked as a marketing coordinator at CMA CGM Group, mainly focus on the Greater China Region business. He joined STEMCELL Co., Ltd. since 2017, engaged in project management from sales, branding to IPO preparation involved with both marketing and financial department. Now he serves as a specialist, responsible for auditing and financial management.  

Chief Cell Culturing Technician, PhD

吹田博章 H. Suita, MS, PhD

Tokyo Denki University Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Materials and Life Sciences, PhD

medical laboratory technologist

阿拉 莫斯 Mrs. ARUMOSU, MSc

Tokyo Denki University Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Materials and Life Sciences, PhD

medical laboratory technologist


2012: Worked in the operating room at a general hospital
2015: Worked at a major cosmetic surgery clinic
2016: Joined Omotesando Helene Clinic
2021: Promoted to nursing supervisor at the same clinic

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