Reuse of Single-use Devices

・Remake, Sale, Repair and Import / Export of RSUDs

・Manufacture, Sale, Repair and Import / Export of Medical Devices

It is the responsibility of the medical device manufacturer to properly collect used single-use medical devices (SUDs), disassemble, clean, replace parts, reassemble, sterilize, etc. so that they can be reused. It is a new service that establishes a new mechanism for making (“remanufacturing”).

R&D of Medical Devices and Medical Materials

Diagnosis / treatment that leads to the realization of novelty, efficiency, and safety of treatment, such as dealing with diseases for which there is no diagnosis / treatment method or difficult to treat with drugs, and reducing patient invasiveness. It is a development business of equipment and systems.

Domestics and International Medical Devices Consulting Services

Medical device companies around the world are considering introducing the market to Japan. We would like to introduce companies that have consulted with us from overseas and are considering expanding into Japan. We also accept consultations from situations where a specific policy has not been decided.

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