STEMCELL Inc. is the Japanese subsidiary of HELENE BioMed Group, a leading player in the field of regenerative medicine in Asia. In Japan, STEMCELL offers contract manufacturing of stem cells, research and development, and support for the operation of regenerative medicine clinics. Established in 2013, STEMCELL boasts one of the highest numbers of cases in self-cell transplantation, particularly in the field of regenerative medicine in Asia.

STEMCELL is also actively involved in the development of new healthcare businesses, such as the introduction of cell recognition AI and telemedicine.

Currently, HELENE BioMed (the parent company) is applying for listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange as a bio company, and
is seeking motivated individuals to join them for future growth.

If you share the vision of “Making patients happy with advanced medical care” and want to work together as a rising star in the healthcare field,
STEMCELL is actively recruiting.

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