“I’m Matsuoka, the representative of the HELENE BioMed Group. Our goal is Medical Innovations For ALL. October 2013 Helene Clinic, which has developed mainly in stem cell therapy with the cosmetic surgery clinic as its founding business, and Stemcell, a bio-venture that conducts cell culture. The Helene BioMed Group is operated by the company, MEDICO Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in healthcare products business since 2009, Advanced.Surgeons, a medical corporation specializing in lower limb varices, and RUD Japan Co., Ltd., a medical device remanufacturing manufacturer. Thanks to everyone’s success, we continue to grow rapidly. The medical and healthcare industry is overly questioning safety, and there are many situations where the latest technology does not reach patients easily. We maintain it. We would like to provide a medical environment where we can receive the good medical technology that should be delivered to patients quickly and safely in the medical industry. We have already introduced advanced technologies such as regenerative medicine and genetic therapy in the medical industry. Innovation is accelerating, and it is inevitable that a revolution will occur in the medical field with IT and AI. We will bring about “medical science x advanced technology” = “medical revolution” and provide the latest medical care to people all over the world. I would like to be a group of companies that bring about.
Representative of STEM CELL Co., Ltd.
Takaaki Matsuoka “

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